The Current Reality

Slow. Cumbersome. Inaccurate.

Whether you're a fund manager creating a track record or an investor analyzing one, we're sure you have times when these words seem like the perfect way to describe the current process. We're not surprised. The industry is relying on spreadsheets, a piece of software that isn't specifically designed for the creation and analysis of private equity track records, so it's bound to be harder than it needs to be, wasting valuable time and tying up resources.

The Solution

Faster Analysis. Secure Sharing. Deeper Insight.

TopQ is a tool designed to simplify the creation, sharing, and analysis of track records to benefit both fund managers and investors. Using TopQ, fund managers no longer have to spend hours manually analyzing cash flows in spreadsheets in order to present meaningful and accurate information to investors. Without having to rely on the rudimentary data visualization functionality of spreadsheets to analyze performance, investors can gain deeper insight into data. TopQ lets you spend less time preparing analysis, and more time performing analysis.

Watch our short overview video to find out more.

How TopQ Works

TopQ is not a benchmarking solution. Nor is it another network to connect fund managers and investors. Instead, TopQ is a completely new way of working for the private equity industry and has been designed to sit alongside your existing systems. It allows fund managers to create track records more efficiently and accurately, and to share them securely and privately with investors. TopQ gives investors the tools for truly effective due diligence by offering a whole new level of transparency and insight into performance through sophisticated data analysis and visualization techniques.

For a fund manager.

  • Upload your funds' cash flow data to TopQ Analyzer
  • Your track record will be ready to view and analyze in an instant
  • Select which investors to share your track record with
  • Selected investors will receive an email inviting them to analyze the track record using TopQ

For an investor.

  • If a fund manager has shared a track record with you via TopQ, you can carry out standard analysis for free using TopQ Reader
  • If a track record has been shared with you in spreadsheet format, upload it yourself with a subscription to TopQ Analyzer
  • You can analyze the track record with a suite of configurable tools

Watch our product videos to see more of the functionality of TopQ.

Latest News

See TopQ at SuperReturn 2014

TopQ is exhibiting at SuperReturn International 2014, which will be held at the InterContinental Hotel, Berlin on the 24th – 27th February 2014.


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